Huion Holding Tracing Paper Clip for Light Pad (A2/A3/A4)

Huion Holding Tracing Paper Clip for Light Pad (A2/A3/A4)


1. Clip size (Approx): 70 x 24 x 10 mm. Color: Silver-gray. 1 Unit included. Suitable for Huion A2/A3/A4 light box or other 8 mm thick light pad

2. Adjustable Clip: Easy to use,buckle it into the light box to hold up the tracing paper firmly. The clip can be bendable to fit your required height.

3. Anti-scratch Design: The upper attached anti-scratch protection layer design to protect the light pad from scratching and secondary damage. It perfectly fit securing papers onto the light box without crimping or tearing.

4. Sturdy Built: It is made from stainless steel material which is not easy to deformation and can provide lasting clamping force

5. Elegant Appearance: The rectangular shape and round corner design are more artistic than Binder Clip.


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